Our team hails from some of the greatest companies on earth, but we couldn’t resist building one ourselves. Want to join us?

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Google EA atari Kayak

If you think you're the kind of person who would have built the first rocket to go to the moon then apply below.

Perks of Skillz

  • What's cooler than a billion dollar market? Being the leader in a $10 billion one while having a full patent to boot.
  • We play video games like it's our job...No, really.
  • We kidnapped our team to spend a weekend in Nantucket (make sure you keep a toothbrush at your desk).
  • We rewired the circuit board on our Millipede arcade machine so we could have a persistent high score board and Centipede too (it's almost the same game, but hey, in the 1980s it was a big deal).


San Francisco Map of our San Francisco location
Boston Map of our Boston location

Current Jobs